Effective Advertising Plans

Are you one of those companies that believe that ad saturation is still the best way to go?

Maybe you are not aware of this, but some studies have shown that most potential customers get so annoyed by this form of advertising, that they not only stop paying attention to your ads, but they even avoid buying from your company as payback, even if they were interested in your product to begin with.

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Is entrepreneurial marketing really a thing? Or is it just a fancy name to make it stand out and sell some products under a different name? Some days ago, someone asked me a question about entrepreneurial marketing and if it was the right way to go for her new business. I looked at her with a question mark carved on my face. There are some different points of view on how marketing should be approached, and I do have my personal opinion on this matter, so instead of throwing a long list of terms at her, I asked what she meant exactly with entrepreneurial marketing.

Why You Need Social Media Management

You can’t wait to do online business through social media? After all, how difficult can it be to introduce your business to the social media world, opening some accounts and registering your business, and you are set to go, right? I am sorry to be the one that burst in your digital dream bubble, but no, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Some people’s lives have been ruined through social media by one or two bully teens, so what do you think can happen to your business if you come across some angry customers or trolls recruited by your competitors?

Content Marketing and Better Online Experiences

Online marketing involves a high number of options, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), traffic acquisition, content marketing and many others. But as many of you know, content marketing is still positioning at the top of the list this 2017 for online marketing in Orange County, and we want you to learn as much as you can about this amazing tool. So let´s talk some more about content marketing.