Are Trends Meant To Last?

Some top marketing firms in Orange County retain clients while others struggle. In fact, some reports say that many companies are turning their heads to hiring in-house marketers, or marketing staff. Why is this happening? You may be thinking that you should follow the trend and look into hiring someone for in-house marketing instead of outsourcing to a marketing firm.

You are probably wondering why a marketing company like Twelve12 is talking about this issue, but the answer is simple: because we are in the business of knowing businesses and how they work. We have discussed this topic in past blogs, but not from this angle, so keep on reading.

Why is this becoming a trend in 2019? Being informed about trends, how customers think, and new marketing tools is something that you should do if you are either a company owner or in a management position that requires this knowledge. In previous blogs, we have talked about all those great marketing tools at your disposal; some of them are easy to understand and use, some others require some more information and skills. There´s plenty of information online about how to evaluate your performance as a company in many areas, and if your marketing efforts and sales are mainly online-based, it is even easier to find out where your company is having issues. But doing good marketing is not just about finding things that are wrong and looking into a book to find an answer. A good marketer will find ways to keep your company relevant and engage with your customers to bring in more clients each day. This is something that you can read about, but it is very hard to emulate.

Having an in-house marketer can be a good thing, but as with many other things, we get used to doing things in certain ways and we can get too comfortable and even complacent, potentially leading to failure. Outsourcing to a marketing company is not just about not having to deal with the responsibility of an employee is being able to have a whole team looking out for creative ways to get things done;, a good marketing firm is not only managing one type of account, they have to work on several different projects with their own set of challenges, and this is a great thing! A good team will be able to think out of the box to come up with the new best strategy, and it will be challenged by equally qualified peers. Having one or two in-house marketers will keep them in their comfort zone for as long as they can.

If you want to know more about how the top marketing firms in Orange County work and deliver for you, give us a call today.  At Twelve12 we want to give you the best marketing approach for your company.

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