New Year Resolution : Online Business Improvements

Christmas has been, and the Twelve12 team hopes that you enjoyed your holiday with family and friends, and also managed to have great sales and a lot of leads. But even if the year is  over, and a new one beginning, this is no time to let your online business go. Actually, all the opposite. If you experienced problems with your website or your app, if you got overwhelmed with your customers orders, or if you encounter any other problem with your online business, this is the perfect time to write it down and start making the necessary adjustments.

Internet Marketing Strategies : Senses and Emotions

It is well known by now that to have a successful marketing campaign, it is imperative to connect with our customers on a deeper level. Traditional marketing used to appeal to visual content rather than anything else in order to reach customers; today, the same customers are well informed and they rely on opinions from family and friends to try or buy a product. We can no longer tell our customers how amazing our products are and expect them to believe us and rush to buy our product or service.

Where To Start Doing Business Online Marketing?

It seems like doing online marketing is the easiest thing in the world; everybody knows about it, your high school friend has a blog and a fan page with “a lot” of followers, and she had offered to help you out with yours and even share your content with those followers. And we also see multiple companies that offer attractive deals for just a few dollars that will make you a millionaire overnight. But let’s be real for a second here, do you think that if it was so easy you would be looking for information?

Best Internet Marketing strategies for your Small Business

It seems that you must be living under a rock, in the middle of the desert if you are not familiar with the internet by now. Pretty much everyone is online now: kids use it to play with friends and for their school, teachers and other professionals use it for personal and business reasons, and even seniors, who were very much against the use of technology, have found new ways of interacting with family and friends from the comfort of their living rooms. Some of them are even offering knitting classes and selling stuff online! It is an amazing time for everyone.

From the Inside Out: Leveraging Behavioral Insights in Marketing

We all know that marketing is rooted in psychology. We want to encourage people, whether through intellect, emotions, or both, that they should buy what we’re selling. The cutsie term for this is giving them a ‘nudge’. It’s founded on the awkward truth that just having a great product often isn’t enough to competitively sell. The question we’re faced with is just how far we can make someone buy something. Thankfully, the answer is that we can’t really. A better, more ethical way of framing the question is this: how can we position our marketing efforts to better reflect what people actually want? How can our messaging better speak to the real desires of consumers?

Content Marketing for Small and New Businesses

Internet marketing can be confusing, especially for those who are new to the online marketing environment. There are many options out there and when it comes to deciding, you just can’t make up your mind about what would be your best approach. At Twelve12, we understand how confusing this moment is for most small and new business owners, and we want to share with you some great ways to start doing effective internet marketing.

How To Do Online Advertising Effectively

As users, we are in the middle of an online advertising war; you thought it was bad when you couldn’t control your TV content? That was a child’s play compared to online advertising, where even your neighbor is drowning you with constant Facebook posts of his/her latest home business. We can only sigh and block their posts, download ad blockers and do whatever we can to keep our privacy as much as we can and to avoid unwanted online advertising.

Some Secrets To Better Online Marketing Strategies

Developing a business plan for your online business is one of the best things that you can do, it will provide a lot of information and save you countless headaches from the outset. As you complete the different areas of your business plan, you will be able to understand your business better and design better business strategies for your company, particularly those in online marketing.

Vicious Animals: Real-Life Strategy in the World of Business

The Twelve12 office, the hub of all our online marketing in Orange County, is nestled in the center of OC’s populated urban/suburban sprawl. It can be easy to forget that it’s just a short drive to the wilderness. Even in the city limits, if you take a walk after the sun goes down, you may get to catch a glimpse of a coyote, dodging through the sprinklers, chasing rabbits. Head up into the hills above the city, and you’re in mountain lion territory. Hikers are met with signs that tell you what to should you encounter one.