Is Your Marketing Static or Mobile?

This time I would like to bring you yet another trendy digital marketing tool. This is a tool that unless you are living back in the 80’s, you have probably experienced. And even though it has nothing to do with personal computers, it reaches even more people than the traditional digital content.

I am talking about the mobile marketing. It is very hard to buy a mobile phone today that is not a smart phone, and let’s face it: they are so cool and so easy to use that even my grandmother has one! This makes this little gadget a powerful marketing tool. We can reach almost everyone through their mobile phones.

Video production

Are you late for the Digital Marketing Party?

You are doing everything right: you have the right staff, your inventory system is as optimized as it could be at this point, you have an extensive buyer’s database, your products are good and they offer added value, and you also review your competition and your customer’s behavior periodically to anticipate your client’s needs as much as you can.

The Big Data Strategy

If you follow our blog, then you know that we try to bring you the latest information about all things related to the digital marketing world. If you don’t follow us, I strongly recommend you give it a shot; you will find interesting things that you might not have heard about before, but that are sometimes is a little bit harder to understand.

Digital marketing and the Right Message

How many times have you decided to abandon a website just to avoid annoying advertising? It is such a common thing that it has happened to most of us several times, and not just that, some of them are so irritating that instead of selling us their products we avoid the company as a disease. Delivering the right message to customers is not a matter of how many times you get people to see your ad, but how interesting and appealing to them is.  

The Deal with Online Deals

Most of us have experienced the “pleasures” of shopping online. Personally, I am more inclined to shop for last minute bargains from dealers with a good reputation, but I and many others have been tricked into giving our money to companies that don’t deliver the products or services as promised. As a result, we learn as costumers to be extra careful when we shop online and we tend to search until we find something that satisfies our criteria as clients.

The Ways of Online Consumers

The client’s mind is complex and the digital world has made it even harder to understand. Online marketing is not just a company’s website or online advertising. Should you get involved with the digital media to improve your business? You and only you will have to answer this question.  

Digital Marketing – A Secret Weapon

Delivering the right message to your customers is not as easy as it sounds. Some companies act like a contagious disease and at the end, the target market treats them as one too. You can find annoying advertising all around the internet. Think about every time you want to watch or look for something on one of the top social media or video platforms. This invasive behavior usually drives customers to block or ignore your advertising, and forget about sharing them; the least they want to do is to spread the disease around family and friends.

The Online Jungle

One of the hardest things to achieve on internet marketing is to keep those clients that bought from us coming back again. Online and offline customers have been conditioned over the years to keep on looking for bargains and through recent Neuromarketing discoveries, we now know that what we used to call “customer loyalty” is nothing but a dream.