Our Mission

We’re a team of down to earth, brand and tech savvy, normal English speaking entrepreneurs with the perfect blend of skills and talent to transform your product or company into how you always envisioned it.  We are your solution provider, your one stop to better branding and market visibility. Whether your want just a few tweaks to your website, or a complete overhaul of your company image, we make sure your brand gets what it wants.

Our Strengths

A Flexible Approach

We’re not very rigid about the way we work. The only thing we don’t compromise is quality. Outside of this, everything is open to creativity and need. We’re happy to meet you exactly where you are; we won’t place demands on your time, budget or staff. We enjoy and pride ourselves on our flexible approach. Whatever it is you need, and however it is you need it, we’re good to deliver.

Unending Support

We don’t just take you to the top and leave you hanging – at Twleve12 we design solutions to last a lifetime in loyalty. We develop your branding packet, complete with your visual identity and brand culture. We get you to achieve success then stay with you to help keep you up, providing you with unending support for as long as you want it.

All Inclusive Services

Our services are all inclusive, which means that from start to finish, we commit ourselves to you and your company to help you achieve the success you always envisioned. No project is too small or too big; with proper placement of the many elements essential for success in today’s world, we get your message understood. Both on and offline, we have you covered.

Comprehensive Capabilities

From branding to blogs, mobile apps to market research, strategy to social media, and training to trade shows, we do it all. Our leadership team are well experienced in their specialties, and have all owned and operated successful small to mid sized businesses both in and outside of the USA. In the hands of a team with such comprehensive capabilities, you really can’t go wrong.

Our Process


We believe the first step to success, in any area of life, is to listen. Before starting any project, we wipe our slates clean, and open up to really hear what it is you want. After all, your company is your baby, you got it to where it is now, and only by meeting you on your side of the bridge, can we attempt to expand your company’s prospects to the other side. So before all else, we sit with you for a chat, hear what you have to say, where you feel you are at, and where you’d ideally like to be. Once we’re all on the same page, and you feel confident that we really understand what it is you want, we can get the project started!


To study is the application of the mind for the acquisition of knowledge. And that’s exactly what we do – we research, examine and analyze all possible data pertaining to your business. We research the perks and nuances of your industry, then hone down to understand exactly what it is you do and how you do it. We study your market, both on and offline. We examine your competitors, and identify the areas that set you apart from all else. With effective market analysis, we find what makes you unique and appealing, your voice and your audience, so that we can then go on to create your perfect brand identity.


Now that we’ve listened and learned all that we can about your company, industry and objectives, our leadership team locks down for a brainstorming session. Here we identify a our strategy to best achieve your goals, with a detailed plan covering all bases to effect success. Using our creativity together with our expertise, we outline a brand identity that will suit your needs. As one great mind said it, creative without strategy is art, but creative with strategy is advertising.


Heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”? While we definitely applaud the renaissance men and women of our times who are great at all they do, we also recognize that expertise has become the currency of our current time. And so we take seriously our consultation with experts, and that includes you. Our leadership team, together with other specialist team members, will collaborate with you and your company, to put together the perfect package to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


Now that we’ve strategized and collaborated on the ideas to propel you forward, its time to take those ideas and move them from intangible concepts to tangible steps we’ll take to attain success. We develop your branding packet complete with your visual identity and brand culture. And with proper placement of the many elements essential for success in today’s world, we get your message understood. With Twelve12 it’s a win-win; when we develop successful brand unity, we’ve achieved a successful marketing campaign, and you achieve a higher sales rate and a great return on your investment!


We live in a day and age where information is so easily attainable by everyone. To beat this information overload, we design solutions for our clients to capture their customers in seconds but last a lifetime in loyalty. What differentiates us from others in our line of work is that we’re only satisfied when your brand achieves and maintains what you always envisioned. We don’t just take you to the top and leave you hanging; we’ll be with you to help keep you up, and provide you with continued support, for as long as you want it. With daily posts, tweets, pins, pictures, and blogs – whatever it is your company needs – we not only get you success but also help you maintain it.