Video production

Things you need to know before shooting a product video

We have already discussed (in past blogs) the best tools to promote a product video online. This has become much more evident during the health crisis that we have been experiencing, and in which we still do not see a clear pattern that indicates that our lives will return to what we previously recognized as “normal”. Many companies have had to adapt to this situation and adopt the online business scheme without knowing much about the subject – and that is why the video production in Orange County Twelve12 team wants to share with our readers some information about video production.

Media Company

How to know if you need a media company

Media companies in Orange County are often confused with “social media companies”, but despite the enormous amount of online advertising that is happening all around us, social is not the only media that has an impact or that companies use to promote their products and services. At Twelve12, we want to talk to you a bit more about what a media company can offer and how to know whether you need one.

Video for Business

Video Production – use videos to promote your business

At Twelve12, we wanted to share with you, some vital marketing information, shared by our video production team in Orange County.

Have you been questioning yourself as to whether you should use video to promote your business? Most company owners have, and many put that thought back in the box and revisit every other month, without really doing anything about it. If you find yourself in this situation, I strongly suggest you look around at your everyday marketing and your daily online interaction. The most interesting, fun, and effective way content is shared is in some sort of video format.

Video Content

Video content – a powerful tool for business

Are you harnessing video production? A great way to put your company on the online map is to deliver relevant and interesting content to your customers. There are many ways to achieve this. For example, you can have an online blog about topics that relate to your type of business, or you can write a guide or a book which would attract more potential buyers. You can link your content to other companies or products – plus there are several other options, including video content. Today, at Twelve12, our video production team in Orange County wants to share with you some interesting facts about video content.

video content

Video Content – communicate with your customers

The number of internet users that spend time watching videos is overwhelming. It is suggested by some publications that numbers are over  70%. With so many apps, it is very easy to share rich video content in just a few minutes.  Under this light, it is very complicated to understand why some companies are still not producing video content as part of their regular social marketing or internet marketing strategies.

Video Production : Time to Communicate with your Customers!

It will take a lot of time for everyone to get over what has been happening right now. As we have been seeing for the last few months, frightening events are occurring in front of our eyes and we are just not able to do much more about it other than to listen to what the authorities tell us to do and brace ourselves, hoping that we come out of this with our health and way of living as untouched as possible.

Connect with Your Customers – Choose the Right Channel!

One of the key factors of a business is the way communication with customers is established. You can have an excellent business model, with a product with good characteristics, at very attractive prices, and yet if you choose the wrong channels of communication, you will not be able to attract the attention of the segment you want to target. At Twelve12, however, we believe that there are many ways of connecting with your customers and potential clients without spending more than you had planned for your marketing budget. We want to talk to you now about how video production in Orange County may be the best way to get in touch and connect with your market segment.

Your Brand’s Reach: Social Media and Beyond

When it comes to evaluating your marketing efforts on social media, one of the most fundamental metrics is your brand’s reach. Reach, to put it simply, is the amount of people exposed to your content. Reach is a relatively new thing. That’s because it’s only become possible to measure with accuracy on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and most noticeably, Facebook. Whether you’re putting out an ad or promotion or working with a team that does video production in Orange County to put out organic content for your brand.

Reasons To Hire Professionals for Great Video

It is undeniable that content marketing is still one of the most powerful tools for any company to engage with the customers, however, the type of content is evolving rapidly, just as the customers are. Video content has proven to be even more engaging than purely textual content, and this phenomenon is the result of being more visually attractive to the audience than plain text or simple images. Go ahead and take a look at every social media platform –  what used to be image sharing is becoming video sharing at a very fast pace.

The Importance of Online Videos And Your Company

For some it has gone unnoticed, but are you aware of the exponential increase in the of videos in all digital media? It is absolutely incredible. Go back a few years in your memory: Facebook alone mainly consisted of sharing some lines of text, external links, and pictures. Currently, online videos constitute a big part of the content of our Facebook walls. Such is the impact that this particular network has on users, that some companies have chosen to prohibit the use of cell phones during work hours.

Business Benefits of Professional Video

In the present day, almost every content market prefers videos – videos are more likely to engage online consumers than any other form of media. This means that if you’re one of those companies or brands who aren’t yet in the game of video marketing, you are at risk of being left behind by your competitors. That’s because videos provide a better chance of really reaching your customer base, captivating their attention, and actively engaging with them.