Understanding Your Business Environment

Knowledge is power: we all have heard this before. If you don’t know your business, your customers, or your competitors, your strategies will be ineffective and if for some unknown reason they work, it will probably be a coincidence. At Twelve12, we want to help you go through the whole process of understanding your internal and external business environment and guide you as your Marketing Agency in Orange County until you achieve exactly the results that you are seeking.


It’s A Marketing War

As a marketing specialist I believe that you can’t always use the same mixture of components to deliver successful results for every company every time.

What I do is explore and find out what other businesses have been doing – the worst mistakes and the greatest successes. Don’t believe for a second that I am telling you to go out there and start copying what your competition is doing, it won’t help you that much. What I mean is that you should watch, compare, learn and surpass your enemies. I know, it is a strong word to use, but it is also a battle of sorts; you fight to get more market, you fight to get more clients, and let’s face it, and you fight to steal their customers. It is a marketing war (figuratively speaking).


Important Aspects of Online Video

Did you know that online video marketing is one of the most effective tools for your company to raise your brand awareness, improve your brand’s image, reach your target audience, and ultimately improve your conversion rate? Yes, I believe that you already know this, and I am also sure that you are aware about how people enjoy sharing interesting and creative videos with their friends and family. What you might not be aware of is that some videos will receive more than 30% more views than others, even if they have really good content.


Learning from BuzzFeed

There’s no question BuzzFeed’s hyper-digestible video content has been a game changer in the industry. For, those in the business of creating brand videos, how far should this paradigm be applied to content?

The numbers say it all. BuzzFeed is one of the content-creation pillars of social media, with an average of 3 billion video views per month, a global audience of 650 million, and 200+ million unique monthly visitors per month. By any metric, this is a huge amount of content, reaching an equally huge audience. What allows BuzzFeed to get this kind of traction, and what can agencies for video production in Orange County learn from them?