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Effective branding is one of the most important aspects of having a successful business. If you’re looking for the right “branding agency near me”, look to the best Orange County branding companies. Twelve12 is a leading OC branding agency with a robust focus on branding as an intrinsic, essential component of a successful overall marketing strategy. Regardless of your industry, the nature of your business, and whether you are a small business or a large international enterprise, you need a customized and insightful approach to your branding. For branding in Orange County, throughout California and the USA, and internationally, Twelve12 delivers.


Have you cultivated the perfect image for your business? Perception is everything and branding is the way you depict yourself and what you do.

Twelve12 is right here to work with you, offering local Orange County branding services to understand and bring your business identity to life.

Your brand is the presence your business has in the minds of consumers. It is an intangible concept that helps people identify your company, your products and services, and the people who represent you. Much more than your logo, slogan, or color scheme, your brand is the complete expression of your unique character, and it shapes people’s perception of you, creating an emotional association that speaks directly to the consumers you wish to target with your overall marketing strategy. The right branding strategy can completely transform your business and drive more targeted traffic your way than ever before.

Twelve12 takes a collaborative approach to your branding in Orange County. We take great pride in our work and our expert team of digital marketers and designers has the insight, marketing experience, and creative flair to work with you to understand your business and your goals, and to help conceptualise and implement the right branding strategy to increase your business exposure, generate more leads, get you seen as you see yourself, and grow your active customer base.


We’ll incorporate a clever combination of colors, typefaces and visual aspects to develop an unforgettable logo and visual identity to make your company instantly recognizable!


A rose is still a rose, by any other name, right? But what if it were called rosaceae or even eudicot or isthmus? Would it still be one of the first flower names that pop into your mind? Your name is critical for your brand acceptance, and we’ll help you get it right.

LOGO design

Your logo is the symbol by which your consumers will immediately and permanently identify your product or service. A great logo is memorable and unique, and possibly the most influential aspect of your brand. And so, our artists and graphic designers take logo development very seriously. Considering the psychology of colors and graphics, together with your industry, identity, and even your competition, we’ll create the perfect logo for you.


You want your branding efforts and your visual identity to have long-term exposure and success; the right creative strategy ensures that the future vision for your brand is set in place for ongoing success and growth. Every decision and step taken by Twelve12 is researched, calculated, and strategically placed to achieve your highest ambitions.

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