How To Make Money Online 101

So, you decided that it was time to go online a few years ago, wondering how to handle massive online orders and all those customers’ requests and … nothing. So far, your business hasn’t been able to pick up but a few new clients online. You probably keep reading and looking for an answer, even taking some Facebook ads or an online course and your numbers are still the same.

Not to worry, Twelve12 brings you the most complete guide to understand SEO and digital marketing techniques. Most marketing companies in Orange County will try to keep this a secret, but we are confident that we can help you understand what this all means and turn your business into a money-making machine.

So, keep on reading and keep coming back for more, because this is only the beginning – and the best part? Yes, you guessed it, it’s free!!! You’ll be able to understand the most important elements that you should keep in mind without having to spend a single dime for it.

Here we go! First of all, we have to make something very clear. A Facebook ad, is not digital marketing. Or any other online ad for that matter.  There’s a difference between promoting a product, a service or a website, and actually creating a whole strategy to get your company where you want it.

Where should you begin, then? Well, if you are not sure, seek the expert advice of marketing companies in Orange County; at Twelve12, we can help you develop a marketing strategy that delivers real results.

But you already have a website and yes, you want a marketing strategy, but you need to make some changes right now if you are going to survive, right? Where would I suggest you to start looking? That depends on your goals or problems. But first let’s review some concepts.

SEO, this word means Search Engine Optimization, and this is directly related to your website and your ranking on major search engines such as Google.

Traffic represents the people that look for something online or are directed to a website. It can be organic, direct, referred, social, paid, from emails or uncategorized.

Social media represents all the different platforms where you can interact with other people, such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, among many other options.

Meta data is the data that you get from other data.

Keywords are words that are relevant for a website.

These are just a few very important concepts, but we’ll take it slow so you can get familiarized and understand what really works for you. Come back soon and keep on reading on how to make money online, we’ll give you the ultimate walk-through to achieve success.

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