Digital Marketing, Is it Worth The Spend?

Many small business owners think that is not worth it to spend money on a professional Digital Marketing strategy – they’d rather do some research, they end up with one or two ideas and they immediately go and pay a social media ad or advertising on search engines. But, is this really the best option for a small business or a start up?

First things first. It is true that there are a few entrepreneurs out there that have managed to do everything by themselves and became successful, but this is not the most likely outcome. In fact, most people spending money on social media or the top search engines are actually seeing a significant Return on Investment. Meaning that you are probably going to spend more money on ads than the amount of money that you are going to make as a result of those ads.

I do have to agree that there’s so much information about all the benefits that you can get out of just a couple of dollars a week, but remember, a couple of weeks turn into months and years, and if it’s not bringing money in, this is not an investment; it is a simple expense.

The real difference between having an online ad and actually having an ad that works for you is the strategy and a deep understanding of your target. At Twelve12, we constantly analyze the best options for Digital Marketing in Orange County and worldwide, we adapt our strategies and ads depending on the needs and market changes. What worked yesterday is probably not going to work today anymore. So, if we want our customers to succeed, we need to update our strategies constantly.  

Another good reason to hire a professional Digital Marketing team is that you get a broader view and you have a whole team developing new and exciting ways to reach your customers. While people that do it on their own, usually end up frustrated and don’t get the results that they were expecting.

A great digital marketing strategy includes many aspects of your business and not just an ad; there’s so many things that you need to think about when it comes to digital marketing that unless you have some marketing background, you’ll probably find the whole process overwhelming. And ultimately, what any business wants is to attract people who actually purchase your products or services and share your company and products with their “online tribe”.

Knowing your customers is one of the most important parts of a good digital marketing strategy, but not only if they like your products; it also has to be how they buy it and how they want to know about your products or services. Just think about all those times that you have unsubscribed from companies because they send you thousands of emails. You just don’t even want to go to their websites after that.

At Twelve12, we have the most creative strategies to turn your business into a success. Give us a call today and find out more about Digital Marketing in Orange County.

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