Digital Marketing: a Powerful Part of your Marketing Plan.

At Twelve12, we keep trying to find better and powerful ways to improve your digital marketing in Orange County and we want to tell you some more about what to look for.

On some websites, especially those that are dedicated to promoting online digital marketing services, a few well-known writers ensure that traditional marketing has died, or that its real benefits are no longer obtained from its use. They even dare to go a little further and assure their readers that it is not possible to measure marketing results with the same accuracy as it is with online marketing.

If you cross any of these sites, run as quickly as possible and save your money, as saying this kind of thing only gives us the advantage of knowing that that particular company does not have true marketing professionals working for your benefit.

This does not mean that digital marketing does not work nor that it is imperative that you should only use traditional media – nothing is further from the truth! It is very true that the current technological advances and latest gadgets facilitate the marketer’s job, and that this has a wide variety of options to create the most creative and appealing advertising campaigns.

To clarify this, it is not a competition between traditional marketing and online marketing; they are part of the same field. Digital marketing didn’t spontaneously appear in the picture, it came out of a need for traditional marketing to expand its scope and that keeps on growing and developing new and exciting options. However, the entrepreneur must always assess the balance that is required for a particular case between traditional marketing and digital marketing. In some cases, one will outweigh the other and digital marketing can even become the main form of contact with the consumers, but it will always have its basis in traditional marketing if the desired outcome is to get to particular goals and not just having a good outcome by chance.

Having said the above, digital marketing opens a range of options to the entrepreneur, especially to support long-lasting relationships with their consumers, interact and offer them, much more personalized experiences. The audience that can be accessed with digital media is very specific and therefore if used correctly, way more effective than traditional media.

As I have been telling you, there are many options to choose from, such as Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Contact Marketing, Online PR, etcetera. This doesn’t mean that you need to select one or that you have to do them all at the same time. As with traditional marketing, each option has a goal, and you should decide the mix that works for what you want to achieve.

At Twelve12 we want to help you with your digital marketing in Orange County, give us a call today and find out all the exciting options that we have waiting for you.

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