Brent Concolino,
The Rock Institute

Brent and the fitness experts at Rock Institute make the unthinkable a reality on a daily basis. It’s been an honor to get to know them as we continue to work together. Here’s a look at what we did for Rock.

Tom Finn,

Meet Tom Finn from the global business coaching platform LeggUP. The Twelve12 team has really appreciated Tom’s openness in allowing us to get under the hood with him, and build a brand from the ground up, which continues to resonate in the global market place!

Andres Zambrano,
Soho Taco

We have a lot of love for Andy, the Soho team, and the amazing creations that come from Soho Taco. Here’s a little info about what we did for them.

Ryan McSweeney,
Pacific Chorale

We met Ryan and the leadership team for the Pacific Chorale as they were gearing up for their 50th anniversary season. The results? A fresh new brand, website, and perspective for one of the nation’s best vocal ensembles.

Marty Chiu,

Twelve12 is Harmony-forward branding! We love finding what matters most to each of our clients, and being able to externalize the inherent values of each business we work with. We are happy to have created a lasting relationship with Marty and the VantaQuest team, as we continue to bring out their unique perspectives and make…

Safi Qureshey,
Skyline Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

I’m Safi Qureshey, one of the luckiest entrepreneurs in Orange County. I started many years ago as an engineer with two other engineers, all happen to be immigrants, and we started a company as IBM and PC was getting introduced in 1981. The company was called AST Research. Our core was always very high quality…

Sid Miramontes,
Miramontes Capital

I got involved with Twelve12 after interviewing several ad agencies and branding companies. The reason why we chose Twelve12 is because we felt that they understood us, we felt the most comfortable with them, we felt that we could build the best relationship long-term. They’re very diligent, they’re thorough, perfectionists. And that’s what we want.  When you…

Angel & Steven,

My name is Angel Lucero and I’m with American Rail Engineers, and we provide primarily bridge improvement type and bridge management services to railroads across the country. I’m Steven Youshak, the COO of ARE. I had done a lot of logo design and marketing and then we met with Twelve12 and we started seeing their ideas…


My name is Turker Hidirlar and I’m the Vice President of iConn Technologies. We provide companies in North America, Europe and Asia with design solutions to fill in the gaps of skills that they don’t have in house themselves. I was listening round to my network and Ike was introduced to me, the president of…

John Nahas,
Golden State Wealth Management

My name is John Nahas, I’m a General Partner and Head of Business Development Management at Golden State Wealth Management. Our company was formed a few years ago and we realized that we needed to take our marketing to the next level and bring a fresh look and a new approach to it. Ike in…

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