Branding Revolution – Are you Ready?

Change is coming with a branding revolution changing the way we approach marketing. Just a few weeks ago, the world went wild about the news on Facebook and Metaverse. Crypto markets were up, down, and sideways. Some people immediately supported this new project and some were outraged. But the reality of this is that changes are required and there is no turning back now, and this is why our online branding agency wants to share with you some interesting information.

Your Branding Strategy – Important Things to Consider

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to your branding strategy. But as a business owner, unless you’re also a professional marketer or branding expert, it can be overwhelming and confusing to understand just how to implement effective branding that works for your business.

Branding strategy is not a fancy term for marketing. Branding reflects and conveys your entire company, and represents and informs:

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Understanding your brand’s value

The top Orange County branding team at Twelve12 would like to share with you some of the tools that you could use to identify if your brand requires some help through the development of the right branding strategies. This very useful tool works with a formula that takes into account the products or services, the characteristics that will aid the needs or problems of our customers, and explain how our products will produce results and benefits for our clients.

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How video production can help with brand building

Have you ever wondered what the main lasting asset of your company is? The answer is the brand; everything else can be recovered again – the building, the machinery, the staff… However, if the brand is sufficiently recognized, your brand will be the key that allows you to restart from scratch in any circumstance. That’s why Twelve12 wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of brand building and the impact of video production in Orange County to help you with that.


Brand Architecture – Do you really know your brand?

Branding is a word commonly mistaken for logo recognition. Logos are part of branding,  and if you succeed in your branding efforts, your logo will be very well known by your customers and other consumers. But do you really know your brand? At Twelve12, we want you to understand your brand architecture and your branding strategies and share some important information from our Branding team in Orange County.

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Branding – More than Colors and Good Logo.

One of the main concerns of some of the clients that consult our Orange County branding team is the difficulty to fully understand why some brands are more successful than others. Most of the time, people come to Twelve12 showing us beautiful logo designs but not succeeding as a brand. If you find yourself in this situation, keep on reading – you might find the answer to your problems within this article.

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Revamp Your Branding Strategy with Twelve12!

Did you know that a great branding strategy is crucial for your company?

At Twelve12, we see many companies struggle to sell their products and retain existing customers simply because they can’t deliver on the promises their brand has made to their clients. You should consider consulting with our professional branding agency in Orange County if your brand needs to develop or revamp its identity.


Make it easier for your customers through your branding strategies

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any type of business. It is the way that you, as a company, will be able to stand out from the competition.  At Twelve12 we are always looking for interesting topics to share with you about Orange County branding strategies.

A brand is not just a visual element, it is usually associated with a logo or a color, maybe even a song or a mascot. However, it is more than that. Well-known brands are usually recognized through those elements because they became so famous or important for you that your brain makes the connection between the brand and these elements.