Key Points For Your Digital Marketing Strategies

At Twelve12, we know that planning is everything when formulating digital marketing strategies. It is true that some companies have some lucky results by default, but most of the time, it is careful planning and smart strategy that makes the difference between a successful result or a costly disaster, and clever strategy is the way we do digital marketing in Orange County.

If you are not very familiar with digital marketing strategies, I would like to tell you that things have changed, and what is news today will become irrelevant in a matter of weeks, sometimes hours, depending on the type of business that you run. But there are some key points that can increase your chances of success. All of these next 3 key points are related in some way, so keep all of them in mind when you decide to make your digital marketing plan and design your strategies.

There are so many businesses out there and it has become so cheap to do online advertising, that everyone gets bombarded by thousands of messages every day. Some of them are good, some of them are just annoying. It is not a matter of how many times someone gets the same ad or the number of people that you can reach, the important thing is to achieve your goal and the only way to do this is to follow these few but very important key points.

Significance: most of us want to buy more than just a product or a service, we want to be part of something, we want to play a part of a greater plan. What do we do when our options are limited? We support and buy from companies that think alike, add a plus to your product or service, and we don’t want to buy just a cup of coffee, we want to share with everyone that by doing so, we are also helping people in need or saving an endangered species or something such as that.

Relevance: this key point is closely related to the previous one. The content of your message should be relevant to your customers and the rest of the world; if you can’t provide relevant messages and you are planning on just showing your product, get ready for disappointment with its share of money that will get you nowhere.

Source: become a guru to your customers and they will look for your products, opinions and information. This can be so powerful for your business, that instead of finding new clients, you will be gaining advocates that will advertise your brand for free. The only way to achieve this is to share information that is useful and new for your potential customers. You have to turn yourself into a master of your field with the latest news at hand.

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