Digital marketing activities to focus on 2022

The concept of digital marketing includes all those activities made online to create relationships with customers, develop a brand, and conduct businesses. It is pretty much everything that we traditionally do but within the online scenario. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some more information about digital marketing in Orange County and some…

It’s Time to go Pro on your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Is your digital marketing strategy professional? At Twelve12, we want to help you through these difficult times.  We consider you not just another client, but also a friend – what are friends for if not to help each other in times of need? You may have realized by now the importance of having an online…

Why digital marketing is crucial for your business

Today, it is more important than ever to consider the digital tools available that may help us improve our businesses. At Twelve12, we are aware that digital marketing in Orange County has become one of the marketing activities that shouldn’t be overlooked by any company, no matter the size.

The 4 C’s For Your Digital Marketing

At Twelve12 we want to give you some more information on the 4 C’s of marketing so you can understand how to use them to your business advantage when you plan your digital marketing strategies in Orange County or anywhere else in the world.

Enhance Creativity For Effective Digital Marketing

When you are starting a small business or if your business is in desperate need of a marketing boost, there are some things that you can do. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some of the most ways to boost your effective digital marketing in Orange County or anywhere in the world.

Should You Invest in Digital Marketing? The Answer is Probably Yes!

Some authors of important publications continue insisting that betting on digital marketing is a mistake. However, digital marketing experts in Orange County find it a bit inconsistent when they deny the scope of digital technologies and their influence in today’s world when it is precisely there where they publish and distribute their ideas. At Twelve12,…

Digital Marketing, Is it Worth The Spend?

Many small business owners think that is not worth it to spend money on a professional Digital Marketing strategy – they’d rather do some research, they end up with one or two ideas and they immediately go and pay a social media ad or advertising on search engines. But, is this really the best option…

Are you late for the Digital Marketing Party?

You are doing everything right: you have the right staff, your inventory system is as optimized as it could be at this point, you have an extensive buyer’s database, your products are good and they offer added value, and you also review your competition and your customer’s behavior periodically to anticipate your client’s needs as…

Digital marketing and the Right Message

How many times have you decided to abandon a website just to avoid annoying advertising? It is such a common thing that it has happened to most of us several times, and not just that, some of them are so irritating that instead of selling us their products we avoid the company as a disease.…

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