Should You Invest in Digital Marketing? The Answer is Probably Yes!

Some authors of important publications continue insisting that betting on digital marketing is a mistake. However, digital marketing experts in Orange County find it a bit inconsistent when they deny the scope of digital technologies and their influence in today’s world when it is precisely there where they publish and distribute their ideas. At Twelve12, we want to share some insight into digital marketing budgets so you can make your choice.

Not all businesses should consider a large digital marketing budget but, on the other hand, it is also necessary to have a presence, since local, national and international searches are performed in digital media.

It is also important to understand that it is not always necessary to carry out large digital campaigns, but sometimes it is enough to sign up to the important lists to appear in specific searches.

How to know if your business should or shouldn’t invest in digital marketing? Actually, it is not so difficult to identify it, and the important thing is to make a good analysis of the profile of the main consumer, and based on this profile, adapt the strategies in such a way that if the client uses digital technology as the main source of information, search and consumption, then the answer is yes.

If, on the other hand, the customer seldom uses this type of technology or doesn’t use it on its own, then it will be necessary to identify the appropriate channels to reach these consumers more directly and define the marketing budget under these parameters.

A great advantage of digital technologies is the ease with which we can define the profile of our desired customer. This does not mean leaving out all the rest of the consumers, but definitely, you have to think about who would buy your product. For example, a tattoo can be very popular among a younger demographic, while it would be very rare for an 80-year-old granny to visit a tattoo shop interested in getting one. Then the profile is defined by ranges of ages, tastes, interests, purchasing habits, etc. The more information we have about our main consumer, the easier it will be to define efficient marketing strategies and objectives that will turn into tangible results.

At Twelve12, our passion and expertise lies in helping people with their companies, and our digital marketing experts in Orange County will help you decide which is the best option for you – so give us a call today and find out more.

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