It’s Time to go Pro on your Digital Marketing Strategy!

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Is your digital marketing strategy professional?

At Twelve12, we want to help you through these difficult times.  We consider you not just another client, but also a friend – what are friends for if not to help each other in times of need?

You may have realized by now the importance of having an online presence, and we know it can be confusing, particularly for marketing goals and budgets, which is why we would like to talk to you about digital marketing in Orange County.

If you think about it with an open mind, this can be an exciting step, so let’s get to work and turn this whole digital marketing mess into something that you can understand.

Digital marketing has a different set of rules from traditional marketing. If you are not familiar with social media, or if you haven’t had the time to explore the different platforms and crowds, let’s just say that even though the target audience is more specific and it might seem even more complicated to plan than traditional marketing, it is not that bad – and here is why…

Digital Marketing – It’s About Data

There is so much data online that it will blow your mind! You would have to pay a lot of money to get data so specific in the traditional marketing scene. When you go digital, data is mostly free and the costs of advertising and promotion are way lower than the regular marketing activities that you were used to doing.

Even though there are all types of people on any given platform, it takes some time to determine whether you should advertise in a specific social media channel.  It is also easier to get in touch with your customers, interact with them and develop meaningful relationships, and this particular element will make your company more customer-oriented. You with then evolve into the culture of individualized attention, which is a valuable feature for most customers.


Now that you know a little bit more about digital marketing, consider the 4 C’s of marketing when you decide to plan your online marketing strategy. They stand for:

  1. Consumer (wants and needs)
  2. Cost (of getting the product and all that is involved in this process)
  3. Convenience (how easy is for the customer to find your product and make a purchase)
  4. Communication (the way you tell your target audience about your product).

Keep in mind that it might look easy, but to be cost-effective, digital marketing should be planned carefully and by someone familiar with it.

To find out more about digital marketing in Orange County, give us a call today: at Twelve12, we´ll be delighted to help you.

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