Entrepreneurial Marketing

Is entrepreneurial marketing really a thing? Or is it just a fancy name to make it stand out and sell some products under a different name? Some days ago, someone asked me a question about entrepreneurial marketing and if it was the right way to go for her new business. I looked at her with a question mark carved on my face. There are some different points of view on how marketing should be approached, and I do have my personal opinion on this matter, so instead of throwing a long list of terms at her, I asked what she meant exactly with entrepreneurial marketing.

After some confusion with some of the terminology, she ended up with a simple explanation;  it’s marketing for small businesses. We finally got somewhere. Some authors express that there’s a difference between traditional marketing and Entrepreneurial marketing, and they insist on creating yet another division and claim a new name for it (and hopefully sell a lot of books in the process).

If you follow the Twelve12 blog, you’ve probably seen different topics aimed to throw some light and give you some pointers on how to approach marketing if you have a small business, as a top Marketing Agency in Orange County, we make our best effort to keep ourselves up-to-date with the new trends out there when it comes to marketing strategies.

So let’s see how “unorthodox” this entrepreneurial marketing is. I submerged into articles that talked about the topic and their most innovative concepts were PR strategies which can be included in 2 of the main 4 P’s, either Place or Promotion – not so “unorthodox” after all. I do believe that traditional marketing has a meaningful difference with digital marketing, and this is because digital marketing has its own set of rules and we can’t measure our results in the same way as we used to. This doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is not valid anymore, as the foundation of a good marketing mix still has the same components as before, plus some more as it has evolved.

The basics that you may know as the 4 p’s are Product, Place, Price and Promotion, 3 additional P’s include People, Process and Physical evidence, and finally some include yet another P that stands for Productivity and quality. Does this evolution mean that we didn’t care about them before? Not at all, but now we have more complex and oriented strategies to cover each part that has proven to be a key factor in the marketing efforts.

However, it is safe to say that each business should be considered as a unique entity and their marketing strategies must be developed to act as a support of the whole company and not the other way around.

If you find yourself confused about the type of Marketing Agency in Orange County that you need, or which way to go to promote your new business, give us a call today: at Twelve12 we have exactly what you need to make your company a complete success.

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