Customer’s Relationships

Do you remember the “magic” word that your parents demanded from you all the time? Well, that is the way to go with marketing nowadays. Yes, you don’t have to check the title, we are still talking about digital marketing and I am talking about the word “Please”. Online marketing in Orange County experts tells us that forcing an unwanted ad into a segment is useless, so today we need to ask permission and say please to all those online communities in order to deliver our message. That is if you still want to stay in the game. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some thoughts about this and how it applies to customer relationships. 

Unlike with traditional marketing, segmenting and targeting our customers can be the wrong way to go, especially when we try to do it online. We need to create relationships with our clients; they don’t need us, they have several options that serve the same purpose, but when we are able to create a bond with our customers, going with a different brand for the sake of trying something new is like getting a new best friend to replace your old best friend.

There are several study cases where you can see that establishing long lasting relationships with each customer is the key to the success of a company. We need to understand that the online scene came to disrupt the early ways of traditional marketing, and today we are connected with the most remote corners of the globe and thanks to the social networks, communities are created all over the world that share interests, priorities, ways of thinking, etc.

We can’t decide to target a person and make a segment profile the same way we did ten years ago. Today, we need to understand the multiple interests that a particular community has in common and politely use the “magic” world in order to be accepted into their personal space.  Being the “popular” brand (or the biggest) brand is not enough anymore; sure it can be helpful sometimes, but with some groups, this could even be a problem, if they share ideas about our brand not being green or innovative enough, or caring for the community or give back to the planet. Today, we will not recruit people anymore, and instead we aim to be allowed to be a part of their life – and this is where we need to direct our efforts.

Step into the cutting edge online marketing in Orange County and give us a call today to find out more about this and other marketing trending topics. At Twelve12, we have you covered so your company can stand out from the crowd and thrive.

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