Big Company, Small Company—The Key to Successful Marketing Doesn’t Change

Do you ever wish that you could create marketing campaigns like the big boys? It’s true across the board, whether digital marketing in Orange County or national TV ad buys, more money goes further. Still, at its heart, the same qualities that make a multi-million-dollar campaign successful, are the things that make your small business’s next campaign successful.

A Creative Vision

A vision is key. Doing the creative research to target your marketing message across the range of individual markets you serve is great, but expensive—often too expensive for SMBs to dive in and actually reap benefits from. Something essential, which pays off no matter your company’s size, is ensuring that your messaging is consistent. Can’t afford a sweeping campaign of hyper-targeted creatives and messaging? Go for one that is general and universally effective.

For example, we put together an ad campaign for Kata Digital, an international mobile phone company that was further expanding into U.S. markets. The message was simple and universal: don’t be foolish. A less expensive phone is a better choice! It’s a punchy (slappy?) message that is easy for a range of demographics to relate to.

A Concerted Effort

Whether it’s a huge multinational corporation or a mom and pop shop; whether it’s a company’s own in-house agency or a traditional advertising agency cooperating with the company, it becomes essential to have everybody on the same page, and have easy access to the data that comes in. This data, in turn, must be interpreted, and then leveraged into action, with messaging and creatives that spring from what you’ve learned. In other words, it takes a connected team to make the most of the campaign. This is true no matter what your scale is.

Start with a Seed

In the end, it’s important to remember why you’re marketing in the first place. We at Twelve12 believe that the brand is always the seed of quality, sustained, successful marketing. A brand delivers the vision, which informs every campaign and allows you to target your marketing message while staying on-brand. This is the main reason why Twelve12 specializes in end-to-end solutions: It typically makes more sense for everyone involved to take the time to strengthen the brand, or redefine it, if necessary. This newfound strength can then radiate outward to empower the marketing efforts.

As an example, one area this is often true is a website. For many marketing campaigns, a website is an integral part, as the advertisement clicks through to the website, special landing pages are often used to measure ROI, and overall, the website is more visible once a marketing effort picks up steam. If you make a big investment for marketing, but lead off with an old website, your marketing edge will be blunted, and your results will be less powerful. This is also true, no matter the size of your company.

Antsy to start out with your digital marketing in Orange County? Don’t get discouraged by having a smaller budget than the big guys. A strong, central vision and identity, combined with a team that can measure your results and execute your campaign will bring you the right traction for your company.

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