Business Benefits of Professional Video

In the present day, almost every content market prefers videos – videos are more likely to engage online consumers than any other form of media. This means that if you’re one of those companies or brands who aren’t yet in the game of video marketing, you are at risk of being left behind by your competitors. That’s because videos provide a better chance of really reaching your customer base, captivating their attention, and actively engaging with them.

Using Video To Deliver Your Message

It is a fact that using video to deliver your message to your customers is one of the best ways to do it. In today’s world,  we are surrounded by images and videos, and who doesn’t like to share a good video clip about cats being mischievous, babies being cute, or dogs behaving like clowns? Some may have different interests – political, gourmet, fitness – the list is endless. The part that we can’t deny is that we’d rather watch a video than read a whole page with information. As interesting as it might be, it is way better when you have music and images to go along with the information that is being shared.

The Basics: How To Shoot A Great Video

Making a video is a great and fun way to communicate with others, and you can use a video for many things: for personal reasons, like a wedding or a birthday; to share ideas on a topic like the environment, health or politics; to build up a reputation or to promote a company; or maybe to give an online class. The reasons can be many. But you want will always want to get is a good quality video, either to capture a personal moment and share it with family and friends, or for professional reasons.

Video Production | Communicating with Visual Aids

It is very exciting to work with online marketing; everybody wants a piece of the online action, and those small entrepreneurs that had no money for T.V. or radio ads are now able to promote their products and services with an amazing result in some cases. Almost every person you know has a smartphone, and while years ago we could only watch television after work, or listen to the radio while we were driving, now we are connected with the whole world almost 24/7. In some cases, we even have to actively restrict ourselves from getting online that much! Even my grandmother has shared a link online and used video conferences to keep in touch with distant relatives.

Video Production & Marketing: Traditional or Not?

As one of the top Video Production companies in Orange County, sometimes we have to work with executives that are not sure what they want, and this is especially common when it comes to using digital marketing strategies and someone adds “but make it traditional”.

I am not completely sure that we should keep trying to make a distinction between traditional marketing and online or digital marketing, I guess it is easier for those of us who were around when the concept of a mobile phone was those weird gadgets attached to a car or the very expensive airplane phones. Even the internet was just a bunch of web pages that looked really bad and the content were mostly text, the web browsers were not free and it took ages for a web page to load.

Online Marketing and Young Professionals

Digital marketing is an excellent choice for online based companies. Marketing experts must be specialized in digital marketing before taking a plunge into the digital world, such as the digital marketing companies in Orange County. A marketing campaign designed for regular media won’t necessarily work in digital media, and you have to choose carefully what kind of platforms to use and the outcome that you want to obtain from it. Digital media is harder to control than any other media, things can go viral too fast and while this is good if your message is right, it can go very wrong too.

Online Marketing and video production

Many have spent hours writing “quality” content for their websites only to find out that it just delivers a few new visitors or social media shares. Not what they were expecting after days of hard work and hours of thinking about new ideas! This can make anyone get disappointed; where did you go wrong? At Twelve12, Digital Marketing experts in Orange County, you’ll find an expert team that will help you out with your Digital Marketing pains. No more wondering and guessing what to do next, you can have a professional plan designed for your specific needs.