The Basics: How To Shoot A Great Video

Making a video is a great and fun way to communicate with others, and you can use a video for many things: for personal reasons, like a wedding or a birthday; to share ideas on a topic like the environment, health or politics; to build up a reputation or to promote a company; or maybe to give an online class. The reasons can be many. But you want will always want to get is a good quality video, either to capture a personal moment and share it with family and friends, or for professional reasons.

At Twelve12, we understand the importance of a great video and being one of the top video production companies in Orange County, we want to share with you some tips to make a great video.

Location is something that you need to think about. Is it an indoor location or an outdoor location? Will you have enough light or will you need some extra equipment to make it look better? Those are things that people tend to forget until it’s too late – after all, you can’t stop a wedding and ask everyone to wait until you are finally ready.

Quality:  whether a school play or a training video for your company, you want to get the best video quality, so get a good camera, keep extra batteries or chargers ready and at hand and start recording.

Plan ahead, as improvising is not the best way to go! Sure there are some great videos out there that were improvised, but you might not want to find yourself looking for something to say or forgetting an important topic, just because you didn’t plan your video content.

The audience is important, and you should plan the length and the content of your video according to the audience that is going to watch it. If it is meant for kids, you want something short and fun, with a lot of colors, music, and different things; if it is for a training session, you want it to be as detailed and informative as you can. (Detailed is not synonym of boring, keep that in mind).

The shooting of the video has been just half of the work; after this, if you want a great video, you need to edit it and do post-production as needed. This is usually the part where we transform an ok video into an awesome video. At this point, you might need professional help to make it look great, select the music, add text, clean up the audio tracks, etc.

Now that you know more about how to make a great video, give us a call today and find out about the options on video production in Orange County that Twelve12 has for you.

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