Business Benefits of Professional Video

In the present day, almost every content market prefers videos – videos are more likely to engage online consumers than any other form of media. This means that if you’re one of those companies or brands who aren’t yet in the game of video marketing, you are at risk of being left behind by your competitors. That’s because videos provide a better chance of really reaching your customer base, captivating their attention, and actively engaging with them.

A video is more likely to demand attention and give a sense of the unique relationship between your brand and your audience. Professional video production in Orange County is the answer.

Video Production – Stats and Figures

It has been estimated that emails containing a video raise the potential click rate by 200-250%. It has also been found that more than 90% of users who watch videos have shared the video content with their friends and family.

According to research done by Hubspot, 78% of global internet traffic watches videos weekly, and more than 50% of them do so daily.

Video marketing is a must in this age because websites having videos attract almost 50% more traffic than the sites having no videos at all.


The fact that videos have been proven to be more engaging also means that video content is leading the way in today’s market insofar as creating awareness about your product or brand, as well as helping to cement your unique brand identity. In a video, you can quickly tell a story, provide a more authentic sense of connection, answer any queries, and provide compelling consumer testimonials of your products and services.


The one thing that is a concrete foundation to a brand is trust. The entire idea of marketing depends on trust and making long-haul connections. Quit selling –  let consumers come to you by giving them interesting and helpful info in the form of videos!

More Likely to Pop Up in Google Searches

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank websites in their searches engine results pages based on the content of the website. According to Moovly, websites containing video content are more likely to appear in web searches by 50%. As YouTube is owned by Google, this search engine prefers videos with links to YouTube also. So making a channel on YouTube and uploading the videos on the site can be incredibly beneficial for a business.


Video marketing is not only becoming more widespread; its usage is becoming a necessity to sustain businesses. A video is not only compelling, but it’s also very shareable. A beautiful, short, and highly-charged video can go viral in a matter of minutes over the internet, reaching audiences globally. So, for professional marketing and branding video production in Orange County, contact Twelve12 today.


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