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At Twelve12, we wanted to share with you, some vital marketing information, shared by our video production team in Orange County.

Have you been questioning yourself as to whether you should use video to promote your business? Most company owners have, and many put that thought back in the box and revisit every other month, without really doing anything about it. If you find yourself in this situation, I strongly suggest you look around at your everyday marketing and your daily online interaction. The most interesting, fun, and effective way content is shared is in some sort of video format.

Think about it: even if you receive an update from family or friends, you tend to smile more, look more, and share more often if the update has a video attached to it. This is not a coincidence, and it is not just because you are watching a cute baby or a silly cat doing something interesting. It happens because you feel more connected with people while watching a video than just by looking at a picture.

From a marketing perspective, a picture or static ad or only last for a few seconds, then the attention of your target audience is forever gone. Some images can be powerful and this will make them last longer and be shared more often, but this is not the normality for a static ad. On the other hand, a video holds the attention of the potential buyer for a longer period, which means that the impact will last longer. If the message is carefully planned, it will trigger the response that you seek.

The most common excuses for not using a video format to promote your business are usually that it is a very expensive type of advertising, that it takes too much time, and that it is too hard to achieve. If you agree with those excuses, let me tell you that it’s not difficult! I will concede that it can be expensive – but there are cost-effective options with great ROI. It all depends on the type of video and choosing the ideal video production vendor.

No more excuses! You need to try it as soon as you can and take advantage of this amazing tool in 2021 and beyond.

Give us a call today and find out more about our fantastic services in video production in Orange County – and watch the magic happen. At Twelve12 we’ll be happy to answer all your questions about video production and get the ball rolling.

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