Promoting your business with the aid of videos


Are you really still asking yourself if you should try using videos to promote your business? You should not even doubt for a second! Every single app or online platform uses some sort of resource that includes videos – even games have video advertising. At Twelve12, we wanted to share with you some information from our video production team.

Let’s face it, social media has become one of the fastest ways of positioning brands, products, services, and companies; sharing content is among the most common methods of interaction for people online. We don’t share just any type of content anymore; we only share what we qualify as something interesting, fun, or amazing. For other types of content, we will maybe comment on it or take a screenshot to share privately with one or two people, but not more than that.

Another interesting consideration for social media is to evaluate and adapt to new trends. TikTok was able to take a big chunk of attention from Facebook (now Meta), Instagram, and Twitter followers, so they quickly adjusted their platforms and now we can share stories in a very similar way to what Tik Tok does, and this is where the video information comes in handy.

Short stories and reels are often bait for people, and some studies show that a person can easily spend one or two hours scrolling through videos without even noticing the time spent. Healthy or not, this is where we can reap the benefits of clever marketing strategies and hopefully develop a good database of customers. We can give them better options to occupy their time and resources.

The most interesting option for people to stop scrolling every few seconds is to present them with high-quality, captivating videos or images with cinematic effects that are compelling enough to make them stop and make them want to find out more about what we can offer. You can’t just automatically rely on a static image or an average ad to get new customers; you really need to activate your video power and imbue your company with the energy that it needs to grow.

There is no way that you can keep finding excuses to avoid taking advantage of this amazing tool. So, give us a call today and find out more about video production and what it can do for your business. At Twelve12 we have exactly what you are looking for at just the right price.

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