Choosing Marketing Companies in Orange County

How to choose one of the many Marketing companies in Orange County? A good way to know if you should get rid of your current marketing guys and start looking into new horizons, is when you reach the point where, after a while of begging them to develop your online marketing strategies focusing on content marketing, inbound marketing and social media marketing, they do not actually exist in the first place.

The Marketing Universe

Marketing is one of the most important processes of any company and there is more to it than just advertising products or promotional campaigns. There are many forces present in the marketing process, it is not just about the product or services of a company or business.

Digital Marketing Planning – Part 1

At Twelve12, a top Orange County SEO Company, it’s clear that digital marketing is a very delicate system; it is formed by many variables and we have to take them all into consideration. An adequate marketing plan includes the environmental analysis, clear objectives, strategies, action plans and controls. These areas will provide invaluable information for…