Digital Marketing Planning – Part 1

At Twelve12, a top Orange County SEO Company, it’s clear that digital marketing is a very delicate system; it is formed by many variables and we have to take them all into consideration. An adequate marketing plan includes the environmental analysis, clear objectives, strategies, action plans and controls. These areas will provide invaluable information for decision making.

Twelve12, experts on Digital Marketing in Orange County can provide the information that you are looking for and turn your digital marketing investment into profits.

The first thing we need to do is to analyze the environment. This analysis should contain the following:

  1. Market Analysis: this analysis is focused on a particular piece of the market, it gathers information to facilitate the strategic decisions on how to proceed with a product, product line or company. We should be able to measure the market size, the growth rate, the profitability among others.
  2. Target Analysis: The target is the consumer, we need to analyze the trends, and the reasons that make the customer buy our products, why they buy it, where they buy it and how they would like to get our products or services and if they are happy or unhappy with the current choices.
  3. SWOT analysis of the product, line of products or company: This is a very important piece of the analysis, the SWOT analysis will provide information from the internal and external environments. As a company, we determine a goal or a set of objectives to accomplish whenever we decide to launch a marketing campaign. The strengths and opportunities are variables from both environments that will help us achieve our goals. The weaknesses and the threats are the variables from internal and external origin that can be or are harmful to achieve our objectives.
  4. Competitor analysis: This is a deep look into our competition, how they work, the choices they are offering to the customers, the way they advertise, how they deliver the product, if they have any alliances with other companies, why do the customers like them.
  5. Performance analysis: This is a measure to evaluate the success of the efforts of a company about a particular activity. The way of evaluating any result will depend on the activity we are measuring. There are many techniques to evaluate the results. At Twelve12, we are the Internet marketing in Orange County experts, who have the latest tools to evaluate the performance of your business.

We will continue exploring the main activities that you should be aware of for a successful digital marketing campaign. Don’t hesitate to set an appointment with Twelve12, the online marketing in Orange County experts.

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