Better Designs = Better Results

WE LIVE IN A VISUAL WORLD! Everything we look at affects us in some way. It either makes us happy or sad, maybe excited or even depressed. So naturally, better designs that elicit positive emotions will bring better results. BUT how to make that perfect design for a product or company – now that is the key. It comes back to properly knowing both your customer and your company.

If you’re a pharmaceutical company, you make adds and signs that make people aspire to feel better about themselves. For example, we’ve all seen those adds about some random medicine for a very bad disease, but the advert is super happy, almost as though they’re selling a cruise on the Caribbean. It’s almost as though if you take the medicine, you will instantly feel great and all of life’s problems will clear. So why do they do this? Well because our brains register happiness, colors and tones all in specific ways. SO YES, if you have a phenomenally designed business card and a good simile when giving it out, you are probably 100X more likely to get a call than your competitor with a bad card and a grouchy face.

Needless to say, design is what makes us human. Even the colors in the packaging of the foods we choose to buy are all related to the psychology of design. Good and bad design is all around us, every single day, everywhere we look. Think about it this way, every single object you look at, or see, or pick up and use, has been at one point designed by someone; it’s rather amazing… So the key here is to have good design, good design that make our consumer feel comfortable and gets the message across quickly and easily.

The reason why some companies get design all wrong is because they either don’t properly know themselves or their customers, or they underestimate the importance of this process. But a good and carefully thought out design is crucial. It is perhaps the single most important thing one can do, not only for the product but also for the success of the company overall. Who are we? What are we selling? Who is our customer? If you know the answers to these questions and tailor your brand/service and design all around this, then it is very unlikely you will fail. Or we can help you get it right! Feel free to get in contact whenever you like at Twelve12.com

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