Choosing Marketing Companies in Orange County

How to choose one of the many Marketing companies in Orange County? A good way to know if you should get rid of your current marketing guys and start looking into new horizons, is when you reach the point where, after a while of begging them to develop your online marketing strategies focusing on content marketing, inbound marketing and social media marketing, they do not actually exist in the first place.

I have to agree that none of the above are part of the basics of Marketing, but I also needed to say that Digital Marketing is a whole different battlefield that has its own set of rules. The proof is all around us; with the development of all the tools available online, traditional marketing must research, understand, and develop the way netizens think and buy.

And not just that: think about buying a washing machine.  A few years ago, you would go to one or two stores and then make a decision based on what you could see right in front of you and what the people at the store and closest family and friends told you. The process would take a few weeks, or even months, and finally you would go and get your product.

Today there are so many factors that online marketing can actually become a nightmare. The same buyer would compare, in less than 30 minutes, the top brands and decide on a system. After picking those, it would take about 30 more minutes to find out what people say about their final 2 or 3 options, and then, they would post on social media to ask around with friends and family and will receive at least 10 opinions about each brand from trusted friends. Sometimes their friends will ask around too and give you feedback! What a nightmare if your product is not what you are advertising! And the process is not over yet: after deciding on the brand and model, they will look online for bargains, second hand items, special sales, coupons, etc. I have never read a book on traditional marketing that describes this type of complexity.

Yes, all the players are still there: the customer, the seller, the media, the marketing professionals – but I believe that each part of the process involved in online marketing should be taken seriously.

If your current marketing people completely dismiss your online presence, it is time for you to give us a call and find out more about what makes Twelve12 different from all the other Marketing Companies in Orange County.

At Twelve12, we take every single aspect of your marketing very seriously in a creative and innovative way.

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