Branding Beyond a Logo Design

If you just start your business and want to create a brand, you will encounter two important points regarding branding and branding beyond a logo is critical.

The first is that you have a blank canvas to be as creative as you want, and the second is that, if you do not have a clear idea of ​​what you want to convey,  you will be overwhelmed by the infinite number of options that you will have at your fingertips. These include using colors or not and a vintage, sober, artistic, geometric, third-dimensional logo, etc.

The Shape of the Brand: Logos and Their Influence

What are you expressing with your logo’s shape? The answer is: something! Even if you haven’t put thought into the shapes of your brand’s logo, it’s likely that your customers have on a conscious or subconscious level.

What’s the difference between a circle and a square? How does a zig-zag make you feel, compared to a wavy line? Whether you realize it or not, your mind tunes into shapes in a highly-sophisticated way—it actually approaches the sophistication of language, and may hearken back to the very first humans who decided to communicate an idea by drawing a shape.