Your company deserves its own internet marketing strategy

At Twelve12, we appreciate the importance of understanding every company and developing unique strategies for their Internet Marketing, in Orange County or anywhere else. Today we want to share with you some general information about why it is so important to understand how a business works in order to have a great internet marketing strategy.

Don’t Let Your Marketing Strategies Become Outdated

You may think that you already know everything about marketing strategies; that marketing course or marketing degree that you completed a few years ago says so, right? Well, for sure it is a great thing if you have some marketing background instead of having to learn everything on your own, and it is also very…

Are Your Marketing Strategies Helping Your Business?

Marketing strategies are more important than ever before; it is not just about your product or the way that you interact with your customers. Today we face the challenge of focusing on our client, and we need to offer them the best product or service, at the best price with the best added value. We…

Online and Traditional Marketing Strategies

As we have said in previous articles, digital marketing is not the “new” marketing and it is also not part of traditional marketing either, so we need to understand the way that we are trying to do business so we can succeed in our strategies and goals and adjust our designs accordingly.

Hit the Target: Marketing Strategies.

In past articles, we have talked about the importance of knowing the type of business that you are running; we explained that a deep understanding of your business is of the most importance when you develop marketing strategies. At Twelve12, we are committed to help you go through the whole process and guide you until…