Don’t Let Your Marketing Strategies Become Outdated

You may think that you already know everything about marketing strategies; that marketing course or marketing degree that you completed a few years ago says so, right? Well, for sure it is a great thing if you have some marketing background instead of having to learn everything on your own, and it is also very frustrating that one author says that you should do something while another one says the opposite.

Hey, it is confusing even for the experienced marketers, especially those who work in the digital field!

We are Twelve12, a Marketing Agency in Orange County, and we want to share with you some thoughts about marketing strategies and the way they evolve.

The basics are still the same: you have a market, a consumer and a consumer segment, and we also have a product or a service and a price. But as we understand the way our clients feel and think, marketers from all over the world have been adding more variations to the basic formula of customer service, customer relationship, branding, etc.

With the introduction of home computers, smartphones, tablets and other types of devices, everyone had to rethink the way we presented our products to the public, and we no longer had captive audiences on TV or the radio. Today, people can choose between ads and even choose if they want to watch them or not.

Rather than call it marketing evolution, I would rather call it Marketing Revolution – with a whole new universe of elements to play with. As a Marketing Agency in Orange County, we have to be on top of the latest marketing trends to be able to deliver the best results for our customers. And believe me, there’re new trends coming out every day.

So, if you think that last year’s marketing strategies are going to work for your company, you may want to think about it twice; even if your online content has been working great for you, you need to update it every few months in order to keep your content marketing bringing in new customers.

Don’t forget to optimize your website at least every other month, find out if you have links that are broken or if you have any technical problem with the website. Keep in mind that search engines are still among the most common ways to search for a product or a service, so you want to be at the top 10 results, and the only way to do it is with a solid SEO strategy.

Give us a call today and find out all the new things that we have for your company. At Twelve12, our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

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