Hit the Target: Marketing Strategies.

In past articles, we have talked about the importance of knowing the type of business that you are running; we explained that a deep understanding of your business is of the most importance when you develop marketing strategies.

At Twelve12, we are committed to help you go through the whole process and guide you until you reach exactly the results that you are looking for in your business. Not every marketing agency in Orange County is going to be able to provide an adequate guide to your success – but we can.

One of the most important things to find out about any agency that might work with you is if they have a great reputation, or if they just behave as if they are professionals and bill you as such while they deliver amateur results.

So, once you learn about your own business (which you can review in past articles), we need to move on and start learning everything we can about your customers or your target market.

Sounds easy, but it is not – especially now when customers are more educated and understand how to compare many offers in a matter of minutes through their cell phones, laptops or any other device. The answer is both very simple and complicated at the same time; our message has to be as effective as it can be, and we cannot send a very long message with lots of boring details or we will certainly lose our client’s interest. Think about it for a second; the best marketing campaigns are clever, simple, and they cause an immediate positive consumer reaction.

What do we need to know about our customers? There’s never too much information, but as a Marketing Agency in Orange County, we at Twelve12 can assure you that the more that you know about your client, the better. Things like hobbies, interests, main searches, level of education, income, age and even their name. When the information is personalized, the prospect gets a feeling of being recognized as an important part of the selling process and not just a number order. Knowing what a client likes or dislikes can give you an edge when you plan your marketing campaign, and you can reach that part that can trigger a sell with an effective message if you know where to aim. Think about it as if you were on a shooting range for the first time and you try to hit the target with your eyes closed; we can all agree that doing it with open eyes is going to increase your chances of hitting the target dramatically. And the more you practice (i.e. know your customer) the more effective you will become.

Give us a call today and find out more about all the marketing strategies options that we have at Twelve12 to get a deeper understanding of your clients.


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