Marketing tools you should know and use

Are you using the right marketing tools?  There are many ways to decide what to do about a product or service, you can even throw a dice to decide which way to go or if you will keep a product or take it out of the shelves! However you do it, at Twelve12 we want to make sure that you are making the right decision and keeping your customer in mind and not just having faith in your good luck. Our Orange County marketing team would like to share with you some pointers on making client-oriented decisions.

It seems that the main problem of decision making is not the actual act of doing so, but the process of making sure that each action will provide more value to your company. And how can we achieve this? If you haven’t been reading our blog, you may want to check out some of our previous publications and find out why it is so important for a company to learn as much as possible from its customers. This is actually our first step, knowing the client. It is imperative for a business to know all sorts of segments that are relevant for the company, such as behavior, value, usage, living conditions, purchase behavior, online behavior; anything that you are able to find out about your client will help you decide in an informed and smart way about a product or a service.

Then move on to how you establish relationships with your customers: is it indirectly or directly? Active, reactive, online, face to face? You need to determine the best way to keep in touch with the customer and it might happen that you may not be all the way through the end of the lane and you will have to find creative and unique ways to communicate with your clients.

And after this, you may want to go to your value proposition – the customer development through value and the reduction in clients due to lack of it. This is a very important aspect because some business owners decide to get rid of a product because it is not generating any sales, and the problem is not the product itself but the added value that is missing from it. A great way to learn about this is to check what your competitors are doing and evaluate if you should be doing something better or different.

Give us a call today and our professional, expert Orange County marketing team can help you develop a complete plan to renew and improve your business and have the right marketing tools to help you succeed..

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