Marketing – much more than just visual appeal!


Marketing goes beyond the advertising and the promotion of a company’s product. As we have discussed in previous articles, the scope of marketing goes from a simple business idea to the most complex marketing campaigns. However, not a lot of people think about marketing as a foundation for many areas, and not every marketing agency in Orange County can offer you the whole support of a marketing team. At Twelve12, we want to share with you some important information about this topic.

Even though the most visible aspect of marketing is the final product that is presented to the public (such as billboards, TV ads, internet ads, etc.), one of the most important activities, if not the most important, is gathering information.

Gathering information is not as easy as it seems, although I have to concede that with big data, things have been easier than they were a few decades ago in the information department. It is still not a walk in the park either; think about it, even the most inexperienced entrepreneur would ask around about a business idea before even spending a single dime on it.

The key is to understand how to effectively gather the information that will truly support a business decision, and this is where an experienced marketing agency in Orange County could make all the difference.

Something that a lot of business owners have a hard time understanding is that a well-designed information system is not a questionnaire, it can be done in a multitude of ways as long as it serves its purpose. Not that long ago, a new customer couldn’t understand why a survey that she previously decided to do on social media had thrown back such confusing information and was a waste of time and resources in the end. I reviewed it with her and pointed out all the questions that would eventually throw misleading results and why. The only way to explain how I was able to see it right away is through experience and years of practice. She explained what she needed to know and we worked together. In the end, she was thrilled with the results obtained after the changes and it was very useful for her company.

If you want to know more about how the right marketing approach and strategy can help your company, give us a call today. At Twelve12, we’ll be more than happy to show you all the options that we have for your specific needs.

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