Is Your Marketing Really Effective?

Many small businesses fail to understand the importance of marketing and the impact it has or could have on the success or failure of their operations. In many cases, the opportunity to create a business simply takes shape and the owners are carried away by inertia, taking on the role of passengers rather than the driver. At Twelve12, we know that as time goes by, there is a moment when it becomes evident that you need to have a marketing plan.

We want to show you 5 activities that are carried out in our marketing agency in Orange County.

  1. Creation of objectives: For the marketing of a company or business to have the desired effect, the objectives must be clear and specific. Normally they are developed from the business plan, however, not all companies have it, so we recommend that you establish the mission, vision and values ​​of your company and decide the objectives so that they are aligned with them.
  2. Segmentation: Normally, entrepreneurs know their market segment well, even if they have never consciously segmented, by introspecting they can identify the profile of people to whom they intend to deliver a message. When such guidance does not exist, as a result, high advertising costs can be incurred with little or no result.
  3. Intention: although it seems so, marketing is not always focused on increasing sales, there are several reasons why a company decides to do marketing. It is important to analyze these reasons. As an example, a company may try to increase sales after experiencing a gradual loss of customers, launching low prices, discounts, coupons, etc. However, the company should analyze the reason for the customer’s abandonment, make the necessary changes and then launch an appropriate marketing strategy.
  4. Channels: Many entrepreneurs, especially those of a certain age, insist on continuing to manage communication channels that are not necessarily the most appropriate, those that at one time worked for them, are not necessarily the best option for the company today. The customer profile analysis provides a look at convenient channels.
  5. Monitoring of results: once the marketing of a company has been implemented, it is necessary to evaluate if the efforts that are carried out are giving the results that were established with the objectives, otherwise, it is best to correct the error.

As you can see, marketing goes beyond an advertisement or putting pictures of products or services on networks, for it to take effect, you need to have a solid plan. Find out more about how effective marketing is done through a marketing agency in Orange County, at Twelve12, we’ll be glad to be a part of your team.

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