Marketing 101 – The Benefits of Diversification

No one can say for sure when we may return to a relatively normal state of business. Some experts speculate that by mid-2021 we could be seeing a rebound in the economy; however, some others assert that this will not improve until well into 2022. That is why Twelve12  would like to talk a little about some options of Diversification for entrepreneurs from the perspective of marketing companies in Orange County.

Marketing & Customer Satisfaction

In an article published by McKinsey, they commented on the problems that companies face concerning the measurement of customer satisfaction or CX. As one of the Top Marketing Firms in Orange County, at Twelve12, we want to tell you about this subject today for two reasons; the first is that it is very complicated for a small business to have access to the proper measurements of customer satisfaction, and secondly, because we are now standing on a very slippery ground regarding this issue.

Marketing, Branding, and the Importance of Brand Identity

At Twelve12 we want to see our customers and friends succeed, and this is why our Orange County Marketing team is now sharing a secret about marketing, brand identity, and advertising and their importance for any business.

Marketing is not just advertising your business without any regard to your company’s image. By “company”, I don’t mean a big enterprise with thousands of employees; I mean any type of commercial front that you may be using for selling products or services. It can be anything from a homemade cupcake business to a therapist private practice.

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How to bring more customers into your business

There are few businesses which have not struggled through the last year to keep their customers and stay open. Many have had to close, and some others are barely hanging in there. At Twelve12, we want to talk to you about some ways that you can begin to draw more people back to your company. If you think you need some help, we can assist and demonstrate how top marketing firms in Orange County can help your business stay alive and recover.

Marketing Segements

Marketing Tips – Reach the right audience with Marketing segments.

Marketing segments are more than just an approach which marketers use.

Every customer develops a need for a product and, as companies, we develop a product that serves best a group of customers. That is why you can choose among, for example, hundreds of shampoos that have specific features such as natural ingredients or that work for a specific problem. If the only reason to exist was to clean your hair, there wouldn’t be so many options!

Geo marketing

Geomarketing – and how you can use it for your company.

What is geomarketing?

I am sure that you have noticed that every time that you do an online search you get information about businesses that are close to your whereabouts. This is not a coincidence – but the companies are not “spying” on you! Well, maybe a little bit, but it is just information that is accessed through third parties such as Google that collect data from your phone after you agree to it. They then use it so they can improve the results of your searches.