Marketing in a Recession


In recent weeks, voices expressing concern about the imminent recession that is expected to affect most countries have begun to make numerous business owners nervous. In many cases, companies have started planning cutbacks in different areas to navigate this problem. But is reducing certain activities of the company the best way to face this problem?

Most of the marketing companies do not consider it to be the best option – and that is why Twelve12 wants to share our vision with you.

Is it really the best option to cut costs in areas like marketing and advertising? Should we cut costs by cutting staff and operations? In some cases, it will certainly be necessary to limit the operations of the company, but, on the other hand, it is important to remember that reducing a company goes against the very nature of business, whose purpose is to expand and gain ground competitively and organically.

A recession does not mean that a company must enter a recession imminently as well! A very specific example of this is the Ferrari company. They decided to make an unexpected turn in their own market during the financial crisis of 2008, in which countries like Greece publicly declared bankruptcy, and they did not only stay afloat with a product that is not even remotely a product of basic need, but with an item considered luxury, and they broke sales records with their strategies.

Another more recent example is the health crisis, where a large number of companies literally disappeared, but many others flourished and monopolized a market share previously unthinkable for them.

Our point is that hat a cut in the company’s activities or personnel is not necessarily the solution. A better strategy is to seek new, important markets that are underserved and meaningful to a large number of people, and focus the business’ efforts on seeking opportunities and innovative products and services through a solid strategy that allows the company to remain operational and with sustained growth regardless of an economic downturn.

At Twelve12, we can help you develop new products, services, and business opportunities hand in hand as one of the top professional marketing companies in Orange County. Our main interest is to support companies to overcome the obstacles that are presented to them at a very affordable cost for most budgets.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time – schedule an appointment to learn more about us and everything that we can offer your business.

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