Traditional Marketing Is Not The Same As Old Marketing

Everybody is excited about digital marketing, and it is true that we have a whole new universe with the development of new ways to reach our customers and potential clients, including social media, video platforms, blogs, etc. Does this mean that we should eliminate traditional marketing from our marketing strategies and marketing budgets?

Absolutely not! Although the digital tools are incredibly effective, they have to be supported by a strong marketing plan and that can only be achieved with the inclusion of traditional marketing.

Twelve 12 has been working with traditional marketing strategies in Orange County for many years. Designing a logo, printing collateral, or building a webpage is not marketing. Marketing is what will help you reach your target audience and deliver the message that you wish to. And as a result of these efforts, you will see your company blossom in every way; it all depends on your marketing plan.

A marketing plan involves (or should involve) the whole company and the market; we could divide it in two, the internal and the external marketing. All of the internal has to do with the development of corporate identity. We have discussed the importance of branding in some other articles, and it should start with a great product and your company should be looking into offering customers not only a product, but also extra value. This means that whenever one of your products is purchased, the customer will experience your company and the values that you provide and not just an item they purchase. The external marketing includes your customers, target market, other segments, the intermediaries, your competitors and any other external environmental factor that could affect your relationship with the clients, sometimes even the government and other countries. Why is this so important? Because traditional marketing analyzes all of it and helps you design an effective set of marketing strategies that will include online marketing.

If you forget to build up your company with a solid base, your efforts may not deliver the results that you are expecting. To find out more about how traditional marketing works, give us a call today. At Twelve12, we work hard to make your business grow with innovative ways of using traditional marketing in your favor. If you are looking for traditional marketing strategies in Orange County, we are your best choice.

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