Understand how marketing works before selecting your marketing agency


At Twelve12 we understand the importance of marketing for your company and how choosing the right marketing agency in Orange County may become the difference between a great result or a marketing disaster.

Marketing is a concept that, for a large number of people, is not quite clear. If you ask company owners and the general public what they consider marketing to be, a large portion of them will suggest that it is advertising, promotion, image, logos, slogans, or a combination of them. But all those things that are mentioned are concepts that correspond only to a visual part of what marketing is.

Most of what people recognize as marketing is a by-product of a series of activities that are carried out so that advertising, promotion, company image, and even products and services become more attractive to customers and help generate even more customers and sales.

Marketing has more to do with research, planning, and strategy than the concepts mentioned above, however, everything that is presented to the client, be it visual, auditory, or any other of marketing’s sensory forms, is carefully designed and plan to cause an impact. This aids in the process of achieving the previously defined short, medium, and long term goals of a company. These goals can range from positioning the company in the market to generating a certain volume of sales, to launching new products, relaunching already obsolete products, or introducing the company in markets that were not previously served.

And you may be wondering, what does any of it have to do with choosing the right marketing company? It all depends on your needs, but what we want you to understand is that there are many companies out there that are selling the idea of being a marketing company – and after time and money are spent, you don’t get the expected results. This is mainly because they are probably focusing only on the public aspect of marketing, instead of the whole concept. We are not saying that they are bad companies, but if you have done the research and planning and you just need the other part of your marketing strategy, you will probably get great results.

If you want to know more about how a top marketing agency in Orange County can help your company, give us a call today, as at Twelve12 we will be happy to answer all of your marketing questions.

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