Marketing Evolution

A lot has been said about marketing, if you try to search information about marketing online you will find a lot of articles, books, diagrams, slideshows and websites on this topic. Marketing can represent different things depending on the needs of the person conducting the research. It is a word that encapsulates all the aspects of human interaction that involves a trade. Not necessarily involving money or goods.

The concept of Marketing as a science is relatively new if we consider that trading has been present since ancient times. As a Marketing Agency in Orange County, Twelve12 is constantly developing new and exciting ways to facilitate a professional marketing experience for our customers.

The most basic form of marketing became present when people started trading goods and services. It is inherent to human nature to look for the best deal, what gives us the best experience at a convenient price. Then this basic form of marketing evolved when competition appeared, we no longer needed to get the goods from the same person because someone else had a different choice and we could decide where to spend our money or resources on such a trade. Marketing had to include competitors and more options to keep clients.

This was the point of no return for marketing; with the arrival of the intermediaries it became a priority to develop more elaborate techniques to achieve specific goals. The efforts no longer were to sell more than the competition, but to compare and analyze what they were doing and make plans to fight back with better offers and make sure that customers knew about us.

With time, all these new practices took too much time from some departments or the owners and the marketing department was officially born, with its own manager and staff. Training became important and the power of media was now evident. Marketers were able to reach a massive amount of potential customers like never before.

With a constant evolution of ways to reach the customers and the development of new techniques, it has been necessary to form specialized companies that focus their efforts solely on the different marketing areas. A marketing Agency in Orange County can not only work with local customers, but it can also interact with international clients now that marketing has expanded to the digital media, a company no longer has the need of a physical location or limit their efforts in their own city, it can sell their goods all over the world, with the arrival of the digital era, the limits are imposed only by those who decide how far they should go.

At Twelve12, we stay focused on the constant evolution and new techniques for marketing, give us a call today and find out more about the options that we have for you.

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