Internet Marketing – An Evolution of Traditional Marketing

At Twelve12 we can help you improve your internet marketing in Orange County through all the changes that small companies and business owners are experiencing as a result of the unfortunate global developments of the last few months.

Today, more than ever, people are turning into entrepreneurs; the circumstances have changed for everyone over the past few months, and many couldn’t wait any longer to change their approach. This means working to make some money the only way most of us could all around the globe – online.

Unfortunately, not everyone was prepared, and some people who were refusing to go fully online, or to expand their business online, were forced to do it. We had a wave of confused company owners who had no idea where to start. They tried the overall approach first by setting up a website; firstly doing a free version, then paying for it – only to find out that nobody was purchasing anything from their online stores.

Of course, this outcome isn’t something we haven’t seen before. Several website hosts exaggerate a great deal on how a website will be a success for any company as soon as you have it and share it with friends and family. The truth is that most people will give up out of frustration before they even try different approaches.

We want to share with you some factors that you may want to consider when you go online as a company or entrepreneur.

Internet Marketing Considerations

First of all, even though it is a virtual business experience, it is not that different from what you are used to doing when you sell something from a bricks and mortar business. What I mean with this is that you still have to find prospects; you also have to court them, lure them into your corner, and convince them to buy a product. The main difference with the “real world” is that most potential customers have thousands of options to choose from, and you will have to work on getting the skills to build a customer relationship method that works for you. For some, this is through social media, and for others, paid advertising and content publishing will be something unavoidable.

Once you get the hang of it, you will see how interesting and fun is to have your business online.

If you want to know more about how our internet marketing team in Orange County can help you, give us a call today – at Twelve12 we’re ready to answer all your questions.

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