Marketing – Customer Evolution

The amazing and complex world of Marketing is more interesting than ever before, and we have witnessed the change of the consumer at high speed during the past few decades ie Customer Evolution. It is a marvelous thing to be able to buy through our computers or cell phones and have the opportunity to compare a dozen or more different suppliers in a matter of minutes, sitting in the comfort of our living room or at the office.

However, as a supplier, this is not as fun as it is for the buyers. Every change in the consumer’s buying behavior represents a new challenge for the company, a change in strategies, and sometimes even changes in the whole production process. It can be a nightmare, especially for those who don’t like change that much or those that choose to ignore the statistics and information. For others, however, change can bring a chance to improve operations, to get closer to their buyers, to perfect their products or to launch new alternatives. At this point, you can guess which companies come out stronger than ever!

The easiest way to go is to just say that we need to focus our efforts on digital marketing and in a way they are probably right; a lot of customers are at least starting the buying process online, through their computers or phones, but this is more complicated than it sounds. At Twelve12, one of the top marketing companies in Orange County, we understand that each product and each company has a different target and that even if the customers apparently behave in a similar way, it is of great importance to understand that the marketing components require a delicate combination to balance them so they deliver the results that we expect.

There are several digital marketing activities that we can use to promote our products and services, but is the deep understanding of our customers what is going to give us the information to decide if we use marketing automation, social media marketing, affiliate marketing or any of the other options.

Find out more about how marketing companies in Orange County can help your business grow and give us a call today: at Twelve12 we have just what you need.

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