Geomarketing – and how you can use it for your company.

Geo marketing

What is geomarketing?

I am sure that you have noticed that every time that you do an online search you get information about businesses that are close to your whereabouts. This is not a coincidence – but the companies are not “spying” on you! Well, maybe a little bit, but it is just information that is accessed through third parties such as Google that collect data from your phone after you agree to it. They then use it so they can improve the results of your searches. At Twelve12, we want to make sure that you know about all the options for your online marketing in Orange County, so we want to talk to you about Geomarketing and how it can help your company.

To explain how Geomarketing works, you need to know first that all the devices that you use collect data. This data is forwarded back to the companies and used for location intelligence. This makes it easier for companies to reach the right customers in a particular area. This is especially important for a business because if there is a customer that is in the area where your company is located, you want them to find your offer as the closest available to them.

Another way to use this technology for your online marketing is by using the same type of data; you can target specific areas where you can deliver your advertising. Using this technology, the cost of promotion is more efficient, as it will reach certain areas and age groups, and also can be gender-specific with certain preferences, instead of spending money reaching a wider audience that is not interested in your product or service.

Geotargeting is a less specific way of reaching people, mostly for mobiles, and the intention is to reach any user that is located in a specific area or where they usually hang out or buy things.

There is yet another word that you might encounter if you decide that this may be an option for your business: Geofencing. This is an interesting way of using the available technology, such as GPS, to deliver a message that could be an offer, an ad, or just a greeting to a user when the device visits a  specific area.

There are other interesting applications for the use of these technologies, and the ones presented in this blog are just some of the most common. If you want to know more about how Twelve12 can help you with your online marketing in Orange County or anywhere else, give us a call today.

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