Does your company really need a digital marketing strategy?

Digital Strategy

Some people are in favor of social networks and having an online presence, while a few are against the use of digital technology to support business marketing. In most cases, the negativity towards digital media is based on the personal opinion of a user and not on the support of numbers and the results of data analysis. At Twelve12, we want to share some thoughts on the subject from our Orange County marketing department.

There are many types of businesses. A lot of them are aimed at the end user and it is very important to have an online presence in most cases.

Today, almost all of us use some type of technology to search for articles, products, and services.

The complication begins in the case of digital business-to-business transactions, in industrial-type companies in particular. Buying a 20-dollar product does not represent a high risk to go directly to the supplier to look for it; however, when we talk about machinery or equipment that can exceed half a million dollars, it becomes more necessary to acquire the product formally and in person in many cases.

However, even if a purchase is quite expensive, the procurement person or department begins their search on the internet to get an idea of costs and select likely suppliers of items. They also seek to find digital solutions that include apps and specialized software to optimize the use of certain equipment or for its administration in general, which is offered by many providers to add value to their products and it is only possible to find them if the company has a digital presence.

Generating a digital marketing strategy is not very different from a traditional one. The difference comes in the form of niches, patterns of consultation, and purchase decisions. It is very important to establish the buyer personas and identify the objectives to be achieved, carry out an analysis of the current situation and define the steps to follow to reach the objectives. For some, trying to guide their efforts in the digital world and measure their results can be overwhelming, so it is advisable to use professional services if necessary.

If you want to know more about how to develop your online presence and a digital marketing strategy, give us a call today at Twelve12 and our marketing team will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

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