Is Your Company Really Customer-Oriented?

Very few Orange County marketing companies will actually help your business become a truly customer-oriented company, but at Twelve12, we do! We understand the importance of clients and we want to share with you some information on the topic.

This happened to me not so long ago; like any other person, I was experiencing some issues with another service and I knew I had to call the company to solve the situation, but nobody that I know enjoys having to call someone to fix an issue, particularly when it takes about half an hour to actually speak to someone. So, I made the call, and after figuring out the right combination of numbers to get someone on the phone and two transfers I finally got to talk to someone whose name will remain undisclosed. She was very polite at first after I explained my problem, the first thing that she threw my way was how they will fix the problem and how much it was going to cost me since it was not a normal request. I needed the problem solved, so I explained the situation and still, she kept telling me about the fee, and this continued until I had to ask this person a simple question: “Can you fix it? Yes or no?” Followed by, “When can you fix it?” Long story short, the problem hasn’t been fixed.

The point of this story is that even if you have nice and polite people talking to your customers, it doesn’t mean that you are consumer-oriented. No matter how polite this person was, I won’t recommend this unnamed company to anyone and I will move on to a better company.

All the marketing in the world won’t help you keep your customers if they can’t trust you, and it will also won’t stop them from finding out online all about those customers who are less than happy with your customer service.

I am sure that you can relate to my story because we all have been on the client side at some point or another trying to get things done and getting frustrated with customer service. Now, as a company, what can you do to make your clients happy without losing your shirt? The first step is very easy: listen to them, actually listen – which takes me to the second step, which is to open as many communication channels as you can, so your customers are able to reach you. A third step would be to train your people on the best way to approach a response, adjust your policies and find better ways to keep your clients happy. For example, sometimes a small discount is worth more than having an unhappy customer.

If you want to know more about Orange County marketing and the best consumer practices, give us a call today. At Twelve12 we are always happy to talk to anyone interested in making their business a great company.

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