Videos, Branding, New Website For Kata

Smart Phone maker Kata shows off its new philosophy with fun new video content, and an elegant new website to boot.

We’re happy to have completed a collection of work for Kata Digital, an established mobile phone company who is focusing its energies on breaking into the North American markets.

We ended up having a blast producing a collection of video ads for Kata. After getting to know the company a little more, we decided on a fun approach for the video spots, centering around one life changing decision…

The campaign features a simple, relatable message—one that resounds long after watching the spots: that sometimes the simplest answer—going for the phone that’s less expensive — is actually the right choice. Oh, and that not going with your gut may have unexpected consequences…

Kata’s rebrand and new website also promotes their core message. The company’s tag line, “Making life easy” can be seen in the clearly recognizable koi fish logo, a symbol of simplicity and beauty. Throughout their website design, we aimed at just getting out of the way and letting the phones speak for themselves, which is in line with the Kata brand image of elegance and practical simplicity.

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