You Can’t Afford To Give Up On Your Website And Social Media Presence

You may be thinking that social media is just not working for your company and you consider that you might stop paying for any social media ads or even forget about your presence there. If you are at this point, keep on reading this blog before you make any decisions regarding your SM budget and presence, and think about reaching out for some reliable Orange County marketing, or anywhere in the world.

At Twelve12, we want to give you some insight about SM and how the market interacts with the online business presence, even if your company is mainly doing business offline. If you are 35 years old or younger, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell how people used to find a business before the internet or the smartphone. But for all those that are already in their 40’s and above, that old huge yellow book or as most people know it “yellow pages” used to be the most common way to find almost any type of business, as long as they paid for the ad of course. It took forever and it was a coin toss, with no useful reviews or ratings to make a decision. Fortunately for customers, the market has evolved with the available technology and we have a lot of ways to find what we need online in a matter of minutes. And this is why having an online presence is becoming a very high priority for most companies, even if, as we stated before, the company is doing business mainly offline.

In addition, of having a website, companies should make sure that they are covering other online features, such as the main social media platforms, and also keep their content relevant and updated. The original content will help your website to get a better ranking on the main search engines and get more organic visits as a result. Social media interaction will become a tool to engage with customers, build up your brand, attract new clients, provide better customer service, find out what your target market is looking for, what they dislike about your products, what they love about your products and you will be able to find out why (if the case presents) they rather buy from a different company. All of that is of such value for your business, that you can’t afford to stop doing it.

If you haven’t been getting the results that you want out of your social media and online marketing efforts, it may be that you need to review what you are doing. To find out more about how to become a star on social media, give us a call today, as at Twelve12, we have exactly what you need for your Orange County marketing needs.


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