Is Your Marketing Static or Mobile?

This time I would like to bring you yet another trendy digital marketing tool. This is a tool that unless you are living back in the 80’s, you have probably experienced. And even though it has nothing to do with personal computers, it reaches even more people than the traditional digital content.

I am talking about the mobile marketing. It is very hard to buy a mobile phone today that is not a smart phone, and let’s face it: they are so cool and so easy to use that even my grandmother has one! This makes this little gadget a powerful marketing tool. We can reach almost everyone through their mobile phones.

Are you paying attention now? Well, at Twelve12, we often talk to our clients about this particular topic, as one of the leading Digital Marketing Companies in Orange County, we know that you can reach virtually anyone through their smart phone, it is so useful for small and local companies, that the sky is the limit, you don’t even have to pay an arm and a leg for your digital marketing efforts, and you can develop personalized apps that will keep you in touch with your customer in a very personal level and you can find out a lot of information about them when they use it in order to improve your products or services.

Just for this type of digital marketing, there are so many options such as proximity systems, QR codes, App-based marketing and so much more. Mobile marketing is a fun way to deliver the right message to your clients; you can develop games, fidelity rewards, personal interaction, suggestions, social media connection, etc.

Another feature of mobile marketing is that most of the time, the consumer actually initiates the interaction with the company, they accept willingly this form of marketing and they are more open to receive periodical information without causing a negative effect on our consumers.

A downside of this type of digital marketing is that there can be a lot of issues with security and privacy which is a huge concern amongst smartphone users, however, the market is still open to this form of communication and it is still one of the most accepted forms of digital marketing.

Having explained the basics of mobile marketing, there’s no wondering why the best Digital Marketing Companies in Orange County usually include some type of Mobile marketing in their marketing strategy proposals.

Give us a call today and find out more about this amazing digital marketing tool.

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