Video Production : Time to Communicate with your Customers!

It will take a lot of time for everyone to get over what has been happening right now. As we have been seeing for the last few months, frightening events are occurring in front of our eyes and we are just not able to do much more about it other than to listen to what…

Video and Trust

We have discussed before the importance of content marketing, and by now, almost everyone who follows our blog knows that content marketing is still one of the most powerful tools that we have to make our company relevant and get more customers as a result.

A Piece of the Social Media Pie

It’s an online frenzy: everyone, from that little store on the corner and all the way up to the big companies, wants a piece of that juicy fruit called online marketing. Everybody has interacted with social media, even through friends or family. Who hasn’t watched a video or shared a picture online? Some of the…

Video and Your Company

“An image is worth a thousand words”: this is not a random expression. We need constant stimuli to achieve our full potential. And in today’s world, which better way to communicate than through video, which also extends its arms and reaches into the business world.